Competition Obedience, Trick Training and Conformation

"Jive" gets a perfect 200 score

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Instructor: JoAnne Griffin DVM

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Trick/Animal Acting
Competition Obedience Class:

  • Novice
  • Open
  • Utility 

Private Training


Learn Over 20 Tricks!

  • Ride a Skateboard
  • Jump Through Hoop
  • Roll Over 
  • Wave
  • Back Up
  • Spin/Chase Tail
  • Beg
  • Bow
  • Crawl
  • Cover Face
  • Shake Hands
  • Watch
  • Speak
  • Stays
  • Lift Hind Leg
  • Go to the Mark
  • Directional Changes to 2 Marks
  • Play the Piano
  • Ride a Skateboard
  • Ring a Concierge call bell
  • Distance Control
  • Paws Up/Close the Door
  • Come on Command(Recall) with distractions working on reliability and distance
  • Sit Stay (with Distractions)
  • Down Stay (with Distractions)
  • Touch an Object with their nose/Shape a retrieve
  • Come Easy to a Wait
  • Cross Front Legs
  • “Wait” vs. “Stay”
  • Crawl
  • Go With/Heel with a person
  • Wave
  • Back Up
  • Beg
  • Bow
  • Head Down and Stay (keep their head on the ground)
  • Cover Face/Cute
  • Shake Hands
  • Watch
  • Speak
  • Quiet
  • Wait at a distance on the Mark
  • Rollover
  • Jump Through Hoop
  • Directional Changes to 2  different Marks
  • Go to a Large(1 foot in diameter) and small Mark (coaster size)
  • Combinations of Tricks and multiple dogs doing tricks at the same time (ie. a group
  • Down, sit and stand(behind the ground pole)
  • Spin/Twirl/Chase tail
  • Shake Head No


     Competition Obedience:

    Instructor: JoAnne Griffin DVM  

    ALL Open, Utility, Novice and Beginner Novice Exercises for AKC Competition

    • How to Teach Come/ Fronts/Recalls
    • How to Teach Attention
    • How to Teach Straight Sits
    • Stationary Attention
    • Heeling With Attention
    • Footwork for Right/Left and About Turns
    • Left Abouts "Tuck"
    • Figure Eight
    • Pace Changes: slow, normal and Fast
    • "Ready"
    • "Hustle"
    • "Hurry"
    • "Tuck"
    • Stays With Proofing/Distractions
    • Heel Position
    • How to Teach Off Leash Heeling
    • Ring Preparation
    • Retrieve a dumbell
    • Drop on Recall
    • Jumping (High Jump, Broad Jump, Utility Jump)
    • Command Discrimination Exercise
    • Moving Stand
    • Signals(Stand, Down, Sit)
    • Back
    • Directional Jumping
    • Go Outs
    • Turn and Sit


    Private Training:

    JoAnne Griffin DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) is the owner and Training Director of Camera One CANINE ACTORS and has been training dogs for over 30 years. First and foremost she believes in positive reinforcement and uses kind and gentle training methods which build trust, confidence and help to make training fun for both the dog and the trainer. Her accomplishments in the professional competition obedience dog training world include:

    • #1 Ranked Obedience Dog in the United States for 3 years
    • Four Perfect 200 scores
    • Four OTCHs (Obedience Trial Champions)
    • An OTCH is the highest obedience title the American Kennel Club (AKC) Awards. There are only about 75 dogs of all breeds (per year) in the entire United States that have been awarded this distinctive title. In addition JoAnne has:

    • Multiple "Highest Scoring Dog" AKC awards
    • Utility Dog Excellent UDX (titles)
    • The First Champion/OTCH/UDX dog in sheltie history
    • three time National Specialty Winner
    • Dog World Awards
    • CH and OTCHs
    • Multiple Conformation Champions

    JoAnne has trained a multitude of different breeds and her students have achieved OTCH's, UDs, UDXs, Highest Scoring Dog in Trial awards, High Combined Score awards in addition to National rankings, National placements and Dog World awards.

    She has completed course work in Canine Physical Rehabilitation at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine and completed Veterinary rotations in Canine Sports Medicine with Dr. Robert Gillette at Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine.

    JoAnne started riding horses when she was 7 years old and also has experience with hunter/jumpers, english, western, hackney, 3-gaited, and cart horses. Having a menagerie of animals from birth, JoAnne has a deep bond and almost a 6th sense with animals making her a natural trainer. She considers it a true gift and cherishes this connection that she has always had with animals. 

    JoAnne has a Bachelors Degree in Veterinary Medicine and her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree (DVM) from Michigan State University.

            Private and Group training offered in:

           Competition Obedience:

    • Novice
    • Open
    • Utility
    • OTCH Level

    Private lessons:

    Group Classes:

    Camera One Canine Actors Training Services:

    •     Puppies
    •     Competition Obedience
    •     Performance Dogs
    •     Focus and Attention
    •     Adult/Beginning
    •     Trick/Movie Training


    Makeup/Refund Policy:

    There are no makeup classes for classes that you are unable to attend
    and no refunds after the first class meeting. If there is a serious
    medical emergency please notify me via email or phone and in some
    instances makeup group classes might be permitted.

    For private lessons:
    24 hour notice is required for cancellation of a lesson. If 24 hours notice is not given then there will be a charge equal to the value of the lesson.

                        OTCH Emerald Isle Scat'n Jazz O'Tara UDX HC

    CH/OTCH Cataway We Be Jammin' UDX

    "Scat" wins the National
    CH and OTCH Cataway We Be Jammin' UDX

    "Riff" Best of Breed
    CH. O'Glenn Cataway Jammin' Jazz CDX

    "Scat" wins Highest Scoring Dog and High Combined at the National

    Am/Can. CH. Laureate Jammin' Up The Tempo

    Laureate Crescendo

    Am/Can CH. Cataway's Swiss Aire UD, HS, NA, VCX

    "Jive" getting a perfect 200 Score


    OTCH Jazzman of Emerald Isle
    Number #1 Ranked in the United States

    Breeder of:
    CH. Jammin' Consort Coronado CD

    CH. Laureate Landslide ROMC
    OTCH Jammin' Got Rhythm UDX

    Happy Dog


    Camera One CANINE ACTORS
    Contact: Dr. JoAnne Griffin
    San Diego, CA
    (619) 987-3752                                                  
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    New Classes

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    Trick/Animal Acting:   $150 for 5 wk. consecutive class
     $280 for 10 wk. "Drop In" class

    Competition Obedience, Trick/Animal Acting, Conformation Private Training: 
    Novice, Open, Utility
    $550 for 7 hrs.
    $675 for 9 hrs.
    $850 for 12 hrs.
    $125 per hour

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    Almost Heroes

    Black Dawn

    Black Dawn

    Top Dog

    David Letterman and Jazz

    CH/OTCH Cataway We Be Jammin' UDX

    CH/OTCH Cataway We Be Jammin' UDX

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    CH. O'Glenn Cataway Jammin' Jazz CDX

    CH. O'Glenn Cataway Jammin' Jazz CDX

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    The Father I Knew

    Thicker Than Water

    Thicker Than Water

    Soarin' Over California

    JoAnne and Jive Heeling

    OTCH Emerald Isle Scat'n Jazz O'Tara UDX

    OTCH Emerald Isle Scat'n Jazz O'Tara UDX

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    On Set

    On Set